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My name is Justin Schultz and let me tell you, I used to spend almost my entire entertainment budget on green fees, golf equipment, and club dues. It's no secret - in the United States (and many other countries), more money is spent on golf than any other sport. If you're sick of spending your hard-earned money on ridiculous green fees and dues, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

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Ever since I started golfing way back in high school I always dreamed of being a part of the PGA Tour...  

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Although I'm not a bad golfer, I don't have nearly enough skill to make the PGA Tour.  However, I still make money playing golf, and now you can too!  And unlike the PGA you don't even have to win to get paid!

I owe Bill Robertaine a big thanks for showing me the ropes and teaching me how to get paid to golf.  To be honest, the reason I started following Bill's instructions was not to get paid to golf but simply because I wanted to golf for free. Needless to say, as a college professor, green fees were eating up a large chunk of my salary.  I love teaching and will never give it up but some people (including Bill) actually make their full time income playing golf using the exact same proven methods that you're about to learn.

Whether you're like me and just want to learn the secrets of golfing for free (and making some extra spending money on the side) or you're like Bill and really want to focus on making some serious money doing something you truly enjoy, you are about to uncover the proven method that will get you started in no time.

STOP Paying To Play Golf And Learn How To...

Eliminate green fees forever
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Advanced New Step-By-Step Guide Reveals How You Can Easily Golf For Free And Even Earn Considerable Profit While Having Fun And Playing Golf...

After golfing for free and earning a nice profit doing so over the last two years I've decided to write this manual and share with you the same proven methods that Bill revealed to me a few years ago.  My new "Golf For Pay Insider Guide" will show you everything you need to know to stop throwing your money away paying for golf when you can golf for free and even get paid to play.

WARNING:  The limited edition uncut version of the "Golf For Pay Insider Guide" is available for a extremely limited time only as I have decided to give in to the pressure of a couple of large golf resorts who have asked me to remove a few of the sections from the manual since they are afraid that if too many people learn these methods it will cut into their profit margins.  If you want learn these secrets then read on and find out how to get your unedited copy of the "Golf For Pay Insider Guide" today before the sections are removed forever.

Just Some Of The Things You'll Learn Include...

How to be able to play at private golf clubs... Even if you're not a member.
The key items you need to know about golf courses in your area to be sure you'll never pay for golf again and will get paid to play.
Exactly where you'll find the highest paying golfing opportunities.
Exactly what to say to anyone who doesn't understand why you should get paid to golf.
The secret to getting your expenses (like beverages) paid for.
How you can even make money while your friends golf for free.
The one thing you must never do on the golf course that guarantees you won't play for free again. (I almost made this mistake!)
Why what you wear could make you an extra $100 on the course! (I got lucky and found this out by accident!)

Just Added Bonus Sections...

All about mystery golfers.  A new and completely different way to earn money while golfing.
5 ways to find major discounts on your golfing equipment.
50 online discount golf stores to find exactly what you want, at the right price.
37 pro golf tips to maximize your golf game. (And much more - page 48...)

What Do Past Readers Have To Say? 

"Thank you very much for writing this!"

"Thank you very much for writing this! I was afraid it wasn't going to work for me because I'm not in the United States and there is only one golf course in my city but things have worked out even better than I would have expected! I've gotten paid to golf three times so far and I can golf for free at my local course anytime I want. Thanks again! Please change my last name if you publish this of your web page."

- Danny Peterson
Albourne Hassocks, West Sussex, UK

"...I plan to buy a new boat with it."

"Good manual. I've been putting away the money I've been saving and earning by following your instructions and I plan to buy a new boat with it. I'm going to name my boat S.S. Mulligan. :)"

- Ken Giller
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"I picked up a couple gems that really improved my game."

"I just wanted to report that I was able to successfully use your suggestions to golf for free during a recent vacation to Arizona. I also listened to your free audio bonus on the plane on the way to Phoenix and I picked up a couple gems that really improved my game."

- Carlos Ortiz
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"I love your book and I love your audio bonus. This was a great value, I'm very happy! I would tell you that I'd recommend you to my friends, but I think I'll just keep these nuggets for myself."

- Steven O'Neal
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"I'm writing to thank you for a truly incredible product. Not only was I able to golf for free all summer, I've actually made $648.30 so far.

My favorite techniques are the XXXXXXXX XXXX and the XXX XXXXXXXV."

- Eric Moberg
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

"You've really spilled the beans here!"

"Justin, you've really spilled the beans here!

I've picked up some superb techniques on how to golf for free and I'll even be getting paid to golf in the near future!"

- Chris Levine
La Jolla, California

"The most unique golf product I've ever seen."
- Christopher Carter, Chairman "Golf Allegiance"

The "Golf For Pay Insider Guide" is laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner for easy understanding.  

Remember, this is your last chance to get the limited edition uncut version of the manual.  As I mentioned before, at the request of some unhappy golf resorts, a few of the secrets will be permanently removed forever upon our next update.  In addition to removing those sections I have also decided on a significant price increase as I've added incredible bonuses to the manual (we'll cover these later) since it was first written but I have yet to raise the price tag.

How much does it cost you to play a game of golf? Some golfers pay over $100.00, even $200.00 for 18 holes of golf. If you're like most golfers, you've paid over $50 just for one round. Now you're going to learn how to play for free and even get PAID to play for a wise investment of only $47!

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I'll cover all of the free bonuses you'll get in a second, but first, here's my guarantee in writing...

No-Risk, No-Hassle, No-Hard-Feelings,
Keep Everything

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

You have up to 60 days to check out everything that Golf For Pay has to offer, including the "Golf For Pay Insider Guide" all of the free bonuses detailed below.

If at anytime during those first 60 days you don't feel like Golf For Pay was exactly what you were looking for, just let me know and I'll refund you 100% of your purchase price. No games. No tricks. And no hard feelings.

Best of all, even if you decide to take a full refund, you can still keep all the free bonuses just for checking out the guide...

Worse case scenario: You decide that Golf For Pay is not right for you, you get your money back, and you get to keep a lot of great stuff!

In other words...I'm taking all the risk, so YOU have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

That's my promise to you!

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"Golf Secrets Uncovered"
Full Length Audio Course

($67 Value!)
This free bonus course contains over 45 minutes of audio!

Here's Just A Sliver Of What
Golf Secrets Uncovered Will Teach You...

  • Why knowing the unspoken rules of golf is important to your score.
  • How to build confidence your very first time on a golf course.
  • The importance of having the right clubs... and they don't have to cost thousands of dollars.
  • Why concentrating on mechanics can ruin your game.
  • The secrets to "The Perfect Grip" - This one visualization can improve every stroke you'll ever play.
  • The importance of posture and stance - what to look for every time you step up to the ball.
  • What having your feet "shoulder-width" apart really means.
  • 3 Pre-shot things you have to remember - and they're not what you think.
  • Why the swing is simply a by-product of this well known but little used technique.
  • The 3 learning styles of golf - how to make sure your next instructor uses the right one for you.
  • Why score really doesn't matter - I know it's hard to believe but it's true.
  • Playing vs. Practice - How much is enough... How much is too much?
  • Does fitness matter?
  • 5 qualities to look for in a great teaching pro.
  • And the 1 incredible secret that will reveal how to know you're playing golf the right way.
  • How to watch the pros on TV and take strokes off of your game.

Plus you'll hear
about some great extras like:

  • 15 top courses you've got to jump on a plane and play this week!
  • 2 no holds barred instructional courses.
  • The future of Golf through the eyes of a PGA professional.
  • And a simple pre-tournament routine that'll get you ready to play effortless golf.
You'll be getting all of this insightful and incredibly powerful information from a current PGA certified professional instructor. He's currently the Head Pro at The Ranch Golf Club in Southwick, Massachusetts.

This Pro also spent time on the other side of the ball as a caddy, and offers a different view of golf that will save you stokes on your next outing. His name is Mike Robichaud and in just seconds from now he could be your personal coach in your journey to playing effortless golf!

I'll also throw in the transcript of the entire audio program!

This Audio Course Alone Is
Worth More Than The Cost Of
The Entire Golf For Pay Package!

(Note: This bonus is strictly limited to the first 5 people who order the "Golf For Pay Guide" today - no exceptions.)

"Golden Club Strategies"
For Lowering Your Golf Score

($47 Value!)
Whether you are a newcomer or an average golfer once you've made the leap into golf you become . . . well, obsessed would be a good word!  There are a ton of ideas and theories on the game designed to improve your game.

Some of that information is good.  However, the problem is that most instruction is very difficult for the beginning or average player to understand. 

"Golden Club Strategies for Lowering Your Golf Score" removes those obstacles.  It is written so that anyone can understand the strategies and put them to work! 

Discover how to practice effectively, solve problems on the course and enjoy the game without breaking the bank!

If you want to practice more effectively, improve your game, overcome some of the problems that people discover on the golf course and do much more to make your golf game enjoyable, then you will definitely benefit from  "Golden Club Strategies for Lowering Your Golf Score"

"Creating A Perfect Consistent Golf Swing"
($47 Value!)
  • How to develop a golf swing that will have others stopping what they are doing just to watch you swing – this is the information you need to know to take your golf game to the next level and beyond!

  • The three keys to playing great golf – learn these three simple things and watch your golf scores improve dramatically!

  • 4 steps for adjusting your stance – and ensuring you hit the ball hard and consistently every time!

  • How to fine-tune your golf swing – and actually get more distance with less effort!

  • The one mistake nearly all beginning golfers make when hitting the ball – and how to easily avoid falling into the same trap!

  • How to gain total control of your golf swing – and hit the ball sweet and true each and every time you swing!

  • The four steps to taking the perfect golf swing – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do when you follow these simple tips!

  • The single most important thing you MUST do to hit a golf ball well – you’ll be very surprised by what you read here!

  • What to do with your hands when hitting a golf ball – this is vitally important to your golf success, yet most golfers never even think about it … find out what you should be doing with your hands here!

  • How to correct errors such as slicing and hooking – by making a simple adjustment in your stance or swing!

  • The proper way to handle your weight and ensure that you hit your tee shots with full force – follow these tips and you’ll be hitting the longest drives in your group in no time …just think of the bragging rights you’ll have!

  • How to develop pinpoint accuracy – learn this and complete strangers will be asking you for golf advice!

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"Hey it's Mike, I'm writing about your Golf For Pay guide. I have to say, it was the best investment I've ever made. This is different than any other free golfing information out there and the bottom line is it works!"

- Mike Fitzgerald - Jacksonville, Florida


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